New Residents, presentation in cooperation with Vluchtelingenwerk Maastricht/Heerlen

Midea has lived in the Netherlands for five years and started studying English this autumn in Maastricht. She was an English teacher in Syria; however, the Dutch state does not recognise her Syrian diploma, and she has to start all over again. In the meantime, she works as an Arabic-Dutch and Arabic-English translator. In addition to her paid job, she is a volunteer at Vluchtelingenwerk Maastricht. During Once Upon A Town, she provides live translations to help friends, who do not yet speak Dutch, to tell their story.

Samer is from Palestine and went to Aleppo to study human resources. He found a good job as an insurance agent and started a family. When war broke out, he fled to the Netherlands. With his newly acquired Dutch passport, he wants to study a master’s degree and find an interesting and challenging job. Samer shares photos from his life both there and here and uses them to tell his story about family, buildings and special places.

Ranen is Syrian and lives in Simpelveld with her parents, two sisters and brother. She’s always busy. Despite studying medicine in Syria, she is following the level 3 MBO Health Studies at the health academy. She takes driving lessons and evening classes for Dutch, plays football, and supports a family. She is aware that many Dutch people have the wrong impression of refugees and is happy to tell her story: how she got here and what she does now.

Rama is from Palestine and came to the Netherlands to attend the United World College in Maastricht. Once here, she has been unable to return to her homeland due to the dangerous situation there. Rama is interested in social and political topics and studied world politics, environment and geography. In addition to volunteering at the AZC, COC Limburg and Amnesty International, she likes writing poetry. She looks forward to telling her story and reciting her poems.