The lectures partly determine the festival’s discourse. Experts address migration-related topics, which inform the conversations and discussions.

Lecture by Noemi Cascone, ECDPM

Title: Understanding Migration: Key Facts and Perspectives

The festival opens with a lecture by Noemi Cascone, researchers from the Maastricht-based research agency ECDPM (European Centre for Development Policy Management). They provide insights about migration – in its broadest sense – refugee flows and people’s motivations for leaving African countries.

Saturday 19 october 19:30 – 20:30 Openingslocatie De Ruimte, SNS Petrus Regoutplein 3

Lecture by Maurice Hermans, researcher and writer (Dutch)

Title: The Necessity and Value of Newcomers and Labour Migration in Shrinking Regions

Maurice Hermans discusses the city and urbanism in the context of the necessity and value of newcomers and labour migration, which is characteristic of shrinking regions like Maastricht. With Parkstad as an area of expertise, Hermans discusses the similarities with Maastricht and speculates on possible perspectives.

Sunday 20 october 16:00 – 17:00 Buurtcentrum Sint Pieter Pastoor Kribsweg 14a