Dinner parties

Can a recipe reveal a location’s history? What is it like to be homesick for a taste? Do you remember eating kiwi fruit for the first time? During lunches and dinners, we investigate how migration and globalisation affect our food and taste. Cooks from different parts of the world cook and tell – you taste and together we explore.

Title: Wild Edibles and the Time Tunnel

Jorge Menna Baretto and Joelson Bugilla run the Jan van Eyck academy’s food lab. The artist and scientist delve into permaculture, extending the concept of digestion into the origins of food. At the CNME picking garden, they talk about the origins and history of the vegetables, using small dishes made with the garden’s ingredients to provide insights and ideas about migration.

Joep Caenen, artist

Title: Open Air Table Talks: ‘The Mouflons in the Room and the Elephant in the Park’ (see art interventions)